December, 2019. Ozayr travelled to the University of British Columbia for graduate Options Studio Reviews in Landscape Architecture. Thank you to Fionn Byrne for the invitation to come in to Vancouver for these discussions, and for great work produced in his “Rooting Time in Place: Designing a Dialogic Counter-Monument in Vancouver” studio. Thank you too, to Cynthia Girling, Sophie Maguire, Jeff Cutler and Allison Maddaugh for the opportunity to sit in on their reviews – and great to review with Shira Stanford, Alex Suvajec, Kees Lokman, Matthew Thompson, Jordan Lypkie, Chelsea Schmidtke, Joe Dahmen, Rachel Laszlo Tait and Douglas Robb.

November, 2019. Ozayr worked with members from our Fluid Boundaries Collaborative – Dr. Zoe Todd, Émélie-Desrochers-Turgeon, Felix Mayer (Research Fellow, Carleton Urban Research Lab), Rachel Salmela (Minneapolis) on an invitation by Karen Lutsky (University of Minnesota’s Department of Landscape Architecture) on a competition submission for the 21st edition of the International Garden Festival at the Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens. Competition notification is in mid-December. Stay tuned.

September, 2019. Back to School. SALVO is working on an upcoming exhibition project, a projection of some of our Biennale work from last year. Updates when we can announce!

Summer, 2019. Student work from a course taught by Ozayr is part of an exhibition at the Seoul Architecture Biennale, curated by Jae-Sung Chon from the University of Manitoba. The exhibition “Block/Mutations” examines the theme ‘Collective City’ at the scale of an urban block by collecting spatial and architectural DNA of Seoul and recomposing these into a projective space: (Image by Sergio Pirrone)

May 29th, 2019. SALVO is formally formed (ish). We’re in the process of updating this website – stay tuned!

May 2-4, 2019. Ozayr travelled to Charlottesville, Virginia, for final reviews at the University of Virginia’s A-School. He participated as a guest critic for studio work lead by Ali Fard, Bill Sherman, Schaeffer Somers and JT. Bachmann. Thank you to Professors Felipe Correa and John Comazzi for the invitation, and for the generous hosting at UVA with a wonderful roster of critics.

May 1, 2019. Johan was promoted to Associate Professor at the Azrieli School of Architecture + Urbanism.

March 14, 2019. Today we learned that David Theodore and TBA were selected to curate the Canadian Pavilion at the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale. We are delighted that we were shortlisted – as part of the Fluid Boundaries team – for this honor, alongside other finalists Common Accounts and JA Architecture Studio. Fluid Boundaries included: Dr. Zoe Todd, Dr. David Hugill, Dr. Jurek Elzanowski, Dr. Catherine Bonier, Emelie Desrochers-Turgeon and Karen Lutsky. We are very grateful to have been shortlisted and our sincerest thanks to all our collaborators and supporters on the project – including the University of Minnesota, The University of British Columbia, the University of Manitoba, Laurentian University and Dalhousie University, in addition to our advisory board – from across Canada, the United States and Italy. Grazie Mille!

March 14, 2019. Ozayr travelled to Montréal for in-progress Thesis reviews at McGill University’s Peter Guo-Hua Fu School of Architecture. Thank you to Professor David Theodore for the invitation to review the in-process thesis work.

March 1-10, 2019. Ozayr travelled to Spain to help lead a drawing workshop titled “Archives + Measures,” for the Spring 2019 Cities on Water Study Abroad Program from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Landscape Architecture. Lead by Professor Vince Debritto, program included drawing exercises in Seville, Granada and concluded in Cordoba. Thank you to Professor Debritto and Department Head Joe Favour for the invitation to participate.

February 23rd-March 10, 2019. Johan concludes his Architecture Residency at ART OMI in Ghent, New York. He joined 9 other residents from around the world, including Charlotte Algie (USA), Sarosh Anklesaria (India), Amira Baraka (Egypt), Chris Cornelius (USA), Matei Denes (USA), Alicia Escamilla (México), Mauro Gil-Fournier (Spain), Aviva Rubin (USA) and Felipe Sepulveda (Chile).


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